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About Harry

Discover the essence of Harry’s Gourmet Catering – where culinary artistry, dedication, and innovation unite to craft unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

Owner - Harry's Gourmet catering
About Harry

A Culinary Legacy of

Four Decades

Harry’s Gourmet Catering, a legacy of over four decades, stands as a testament to the art of culinary excellence. Born from the rich blend of tradition and innovation, Harry and his seasoned team curate gastronomic experiences that leave an indelible mark. Having proudly served esteemed clients, including the Indian Navy and corporate giants, we have earned a distinguished reputation for culinary mastery. Our diverse menus, unwavering sustainability focus, and impeccable service set us apart. Ranked 4th among Delhi’s top caterers, we continue to elevate the art of catering, leaving lasting impressions in every event we undertake.

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Years In Industry

Decades of culinary mastery and experience.

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Events Done

Successfully executed 1500+ memorable events.

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Happy Cients

Satisfied 1400+ discerning clients with exceptional service.

Our History

A Journey of Culinary Excellence and Innovation

Harry’s Gourmet Catering embarks on a journey defined by culinary excellence, innovation, and sustainability.

Award-Winning Chef

Our journey is led by an award-winning chef dedicated to culinary mastery, innovation, and sustainability.

Sustained Innovation

Over the decades, our dedicated team has sustained a culture of culinary innovation.

Diverse Menus

Throughout the four decades, our menus have continually evolved, embracing diversity and creativity.

Sustainability Legacy

Our journey is a legacy of culinary excellence, innovation, and an enduring commitment to sustainability.

Our journey began in 1980 when our founder, Harry, a passionate food enthusiast, embarked on a mission to redefine catering. Over the years, we’ve seamlessly blended tradition and innovation, crafting culinary marvels that leave a lasting imprint. From humble beginnings, we’ve grown to become a celebrated name in the industry, delighting esteemed clients, including the Indian Navy, and ranking among Delhi’s top caterers. Our history is a testament to unwavering dedication, culinary expertise, and an enduring commitment to sustainability. As we look back on our journey, we’re grateful for the moments we’ve created and excited for the flavors yet to be explored.

As we trace back through time, our journey is a tapestry of memorable culinary moments. We’ve continually evolved and satisfied discerning palates, leaving lasting impressions. The recognition of being the 4th ranked among Delhi’s top caterers is a testament to our unwavering commitment to culinary excellence. Our passion for innovation and dedication to sustainable practices have paved the way for future flavors yet to be explored. Looking back, we’re grateful for the moments we’ve created and excited for the expansive world of culinary delights awaiting us.

From our humble beginnings to four glorious decades, every dish we create carries the passion, expertise, and dedication that define Harry's Gourmet Catering. Thank you for being part of our journey.

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